Things I love Thursday(Body!)

August 8, 2008 at 2:27 am (Uncategorized)

Soo for people who don’t know… iCiNG does this lovely thing called Things I Love Thursdays(TiLT) So I decided to steal the idea o_o! But do it about my body… call it online therapy for myself. But instead of pointing out what I like about the looks of my body I’m going to point out what it does for me. I hope people will comment and participate! I think some days everyone can use a reminder of the good things our body does for us.

  • Playing ring around the rosie with my daughter. There is some how nothing more satisfying then having hands to hold hers and legs to spin around in circles. And a load voice to yell out the words… always good laughs
  • My legs that help me run in after the rain… we had a mighty storm here this evening and I got soaked.
  • Arms to hold my daughter tight cuz she’s scared
  • The ability to walk 2-3 times a day with the girls I work with. I seriously love them
  • Lips to kiss with
  • A nose to smell the wonderful smell still on my sheets(Can I say I don’t want to wash them…)
  • Eyes to see all the beautiful sites around lately and smell all the sweet smells of summer… oh how I’ll miss thee summer when you are gone!

That’s all! On another note I almost ate normally today… almost then I had some ice cream and felt sick =\ I got sick all of my lunch and my ice cream. I’ll take the fact I had a normal lunch that consisted of more then a few bites of lettuce covered with oil and vinegar.

What are you loving about what your body can do for you this week?



  1. Jeremy said,

    There are many things I love that my body does for me.
    = Definitely agree with lips, for kissing.
    =my arms to drum with and create music that we all use our ears to listen to everyday!
    = my hands, to hold onto someone, or caress that special someones body. (and type this message)
    = eyes to see the beautiful sites this world has to offer. And look at the beautiful woman i think about all day, and long to see.
    =legs and feet to walk and get from place to place. Feel the warm sand beneath my feet on a warm summer night near the lake.
    =my nose to smell the smells, and know whats gonna be for dinner.
    = my skin for being the biggest organ on my body, and taking all the crap that gets thrown at it.

    The biggest thing i love about my body, is my heart!
    Everyone has a heart and we all use it everyday more than anything else.
    My heart tells me that love is in sight after meeting a girl, by giving me butterflies. (that feeling like a warm chill down your spine, of just pure love and extreme sensation.)

    There is much we can say about our bodies. it’s amazing and does so much for our soul, and all it ask in return is for it to be used just a little bit every day!

    away from the body aspect of things i love, another thing i love is my friends and family. I love that i met someone who really takes my interest to a whole new level, and mind as well take my heart because, i feel she would take care of it with much love and sweet care.

  2. Sisters By <3 said,

    I love that my body is capable of running faster with each lap, even at the end of a hard workout.

    I love that my hands can be entwined with someone else’s.

    I love that I have arms to hug with.

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